Sri Swamiji’s Music on iTunes Store

Sri Swamiji's Music on iTunes Store

Sri Swamiji’s Music on iTunes Store

His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji has been a leading light in the conceptualization and propagation of Music for Meditation & Healing. Sri Swamiji’s music is soothing, relaxing and amazingly articulate. Sri Swamiji completely understands the varying vibrational qualities of the different Ragas – the musical modes of the classical Indian music. During concerts, He creates an ocean of sound, playing music that is at once relaxing and soothing, interspersed with passages that are stimulating and energizing. Sri Swamiji has been touring the globe for over 20 years popularizing the ancient “Raga Ragini Vidya”. Sri Swamiji’s main instrument is the synthesizer – the Datta Veena as He calls it – which is capable of producing sounds of many instruments. The versatility of the instrument coupled with the genius of Sri Swamiji produce the ultimate musical effect with unusual artistic tapestry.

Sri Swamiji’s “Raga Sagara” series of Live Concerts of Meditation & Healing Music are being conducted regularly across the globe. Thousands attend His concerts, which send the message of harmony, peace and brotherhood. Ragas (Musical Tunes) are said to help treatment of patients with afflictions of physical and mental nature, under certain conditions.

Sri Swamiji is a versatile Vaaggeyakaara (composing lyrics, Raga and Laya/Tala binding), who has composed more than 3000 Bhajans in various languages. He composes, sets the tune and sings in His rich vibrant voice. “Those who wish to escape from the grip of fear must practice Nama Sankeertana” – says Sri Swamiji, who has been a passionate practitioner and proponent of Bhajan singing. Tens of thousands of devotees have found solace and peace in this path.

Sri Swamiji says….

…. music is my language …

…. music is my religion …

…. music is my expression …